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AR-15 Parts

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AR15 Handguard
AR-15 Intrafuse Handguard

Quad-rail handguard with removable covers to hide side and bottom rails. Marked TAPCO USA. Available in Black.
SALE PRICE....$26.99

AR15 SAW Pistol Grip
AR-15 SAW Pistol Grip

Manufactured in USA by TAPCO with a storage compartment and Lifetime guarantee from TAPCO. Available in Black.
SALE PRICE....$5.99

TAPCO Fusion Vertical Grip
TAPCO Fusion Short Vertical Grip

A compact 3.125" size. Works on all standard Picatinny rails and offers the ability to remove an AK47 high capacity magazine without removing the vertical grip. Even in its reduced length it still retains storage capacity for (1) 123A battery. Available in Black.
SALE PRICE....$13.19

TAPCO Fusion Vertical Grip
TAPCO Fusion Vertical Grip

Firmly locks to any Picatinny rail in seconds. Waterproof internal storage area holds 2-123A batteries. Contoured for maximum comfort and grip. Perfectly matches all other FUSION components. Available in Black, Dark Earth, and Olive Drab.
SALE PRICE....$13.19

AK 1" Stock Extension
1" Weaver Ring (Black) Flat/Stud

Aluminum. Comes in pair.
-Weight: 3.0 oz
-O: 2.0" - H:1.2"

AR-15/M16 Rifle Foregrip
AR-15/M16 Foregrip

Plastic handguard vertical grip comes equipped with a short weaver style rail which bolts directly to most standard AR-15 handguards. Includes mounting hardware.
-Weight: 4.2 oz
-Height: 4.5 inches